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Every work of art has a story and this one is no different…

Rebeka Kahn ARTWEAR Bespoke Irish Artwear, created using a unique fusion of ceramic, glass & inspiration.
Every work of art has a story and this one is no different.. .

From her home studio in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains, ceramicist Rebeka Kahn creates bewitching raku fired wall art pieces, each one incorporating uniquely sculpted ceramic and glass elements inspired by her surroundings & the clay itself!

Each piece of Rebeka Kahn wall art is just as unique as the person who ends up owning it. With every ceramic element in every creation singularly hand-crafted, glazed and fired in Rebeka’s home studio, every piece receives the individual attention from the artist that the owner deserves.

“I draw a lot of my inspiration from the clay itself. Sometimes I just close my eyes and feel the clay, roll it between my fingers for a while and just allow the natural flow of the clay tell me it's story.

The clay has come from the ground after thousands of years of layer upon layer of once beautifully coloured mountains, rivers and organic materials such as rock and woods,
taking with it the whispers of it's stories never to be revealed.… Or maybe the clay is in some way telling its own story and secrets through my hands?….perhaps it is the clay which is actually manipulating me and not the other way around? Who knows?